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               A Gloomy Day
(Redirected from the RP journal 'A Gloomy Day' by Ask-Gloom-Jpg)
You are randomly walking through the forest alone. It's almost dark and it's raining. Since you were returning from your friends house, you didn't expect that you would be late. The heavy rain is hitting your head very hard, and it's making you nauseous. You decide to hide under a big Oak tree, and to wait for the rain to stop. As you made one step further towards the tree, you suddenly hear a whimpering bark. When you looked down, you noticed that you were stepping on someone's... tail? It was a blue/black tail though.. You moved your foot off the tail. The tail started to shake a bit, and then disappeared on the other side of the tree. Your curiosity was eager and tempting that you decided to check it out. When you got to the other side, you saw a blue dog with black mane, yellow eyes and teeth, crying and holding her tail. She noticed your presence, and started to back away, still crying. She was afraid of your presence, because she is keen to strangers.
"W-why did you step on my tail?", she asked you. You started to feel some kind of emotion course through your body, as you kept staring into her eyes. Her eyes sparkled a bit when she looked at you, but she kept walking backwards. You eagerly wanted to apologize to her for stepping on her tail, so you decided to open your mouth. She stopped moving, and sat down, waiting for an explanation.
"I.. I'm sorry.. I.. I didn't mean to step on your tail. Please, accept my apology.", you replied to her.
The dog looked at you and tilted her head a bit. "Why are you here?", she asked you. "Um.. I was on my way home from a friend's house, but.. I got lost.. and it's dark and it's raining.. and-"
"Yes..I know.. I've been watching you.", the dog interrupted you. Her frown turned to a neutral face, as she continued to look at you. You kept staring back and gazing into her eyes.. You suddenly feel a single tear stream down your face. She noticed it.
"Why.. are you crying?"
You rubbed your eye a bit, thinking it must be the rain. But it wasn't.
"I.. I feel your emotion. You can't escape emotions. They eventually conquer you.", she said as she got up and started to walk towards you. You started to back away a bit, eyes tearing on their own.. The rain slowed down, as you felt that everything around you is stopping. You tripped on the wet grass and hit your ankle.  With your limp ankle, you couldn't get up, nor run. You started to crawl away from her, as you suddenly felt that the rain stopped. You saw the drops.. impossible.. did.. everything stop around you? Your eyes widened as she came close to you. Your eyes were still tearing, emotion conquering your soul. She was right. She could see through your emotion.. When you looked into her eyes, you could see glimpses of your past. Everything bad that happened in your life, was now haunting you through this little blue creature. Who is she? Is she.. Smile?
"I am not Smile. I will never be him. I don't smile like him.. He's just a pathetic mutt that tries to get attention by 'spreading the word'.", she said as she came close to your face.
You started to tear up and begin to cry..You cannot take the pain anymore. It was too much for you. The dog looked at you, and frowned. The only thing she said to you before you passed out from the tears was: "Frown. God hates you."

You woke up the next day, in your bed, with no memory of seeing the creature what so ever. You rubbed your eyes a bit, but they hurt to the touch. When you went to the bathroom, your eyes were so red from crying. The only thing you remember was walking home from your friend's house and... crying.. Why did you cr-... then you remembered your past. Everything bad that ever happened to you.. it still haunts you. When you went down to the living room, you saw a piece of paper on the coffee table. When you looked at it, your heart sank. It wrote:
a gloomy day. redirected from my rp/ask account :iconask-gloom-jpg:
Gloom's first story. ^^
just for the record.. I do believe in God.. But what she says in this story is opposite.
Smile says: 'smile'. god loves you.
she says the opposite: 'frown'. god hates you.
in her case.. smile lies, and she tells the truth.. opposition, bitches! hehehe.


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December 20, 2012
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