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Some of my stupid art.Don't look at it.It's horrible.


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Hey guys, just a minor thing if people read this.. please, don't thank me for the faves, watches, llamas, etc, it's not that it's annoying or anything it's just that I'm grateful of people taking the time off their hands to watch me, even if I don't thank them, because, I know some of them don't like to be thanked. so, you know the drill, if I don't thank you for a watch or a fave, consider it to heart that I'm actually grateful and too busy having a feels moment to even do anything. thanks for reading


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nopenothing to see here bruhs. nothing at all. uwu just a blank journal <3
time to get back to actual work

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no title here, because I can't think of any other titles at the moment.. I.. might as well get this off my chest...

for those who know, my name ended up in Encyclopedia Dramatica under the user's article of Gegabyte.. somehow, the ED writers must have thought that Gega and me either share the same account or that Gega IS me in general.. I don't know the person, I met them 2 days ago, but they seems pretty nice. Of course, I ended up being OP's white knight, but it wasn't necessary to make it so that I'm Gegabyte, which I'm not.. I don't have an account on ED, neither do I plan on making one, because making fun of people ain't my thing... I'm actually my own person. I only defended my friend OP. Me and Gega.. don't even share this account at all, neither did I give out my password to her. I'm a bit bothered by it, mainly because of identity theft, but in all honesty, it doesn't affect me much. I'm just gonna continue on with my usual shit I do. If I get trolls.. eh.. not gonna feed em. just hide the comments and move on. Can't have time to pay attention to them.. there might be a possibility that I might get a job soon, and I might have limited internet time.. having that job is very important for me because it's been almost 2 years since I finished high school, and I am in desperation of getting the job as a nurse trainer at a local kindergarten, mainly because of the country test that I have to go through and if I pass, then good for me. 

anyways.. I really feel like saying sorry.. I don't know for what reason, but I really do feel like saying sorry... So.. sorry if I did anything bad to you.. if I made people feel bad.. I don't know... I'm just under that phase where everything in life is hell, I'll get through it guys don't worry about me. ;w; 

but yea, if people come at me asking me if I'm Gegabyte, I'm not them at all. I don't know if Gega is known as rudewriter on ED, I don't know myself, but I'm definitely not stupid enough to make an ED userpage to write articles. Only person I know is.. Mama Majora as how people call her. But again, for people who ask, I'm not Gegabyte. I am my own person, The country timeline between me and them is... pretty much 7-8 hours max. It's 2:52 pm here, so.. yea..

anyways, I got some shit to do, stuff to draw, comics to dub, the misc.. yea.. talk to you guys soon, stay safe. :)
who wants to rp?
alright guys, I just woke up, so I may sound a bit crappy and what not, I just want to notify my watchers of the 'promised' rant I was gonna do. 

ya know crack shi- I mean coffee--pot correct? the person who's sick in the head for praising to have an ED page? Ugh.. her.. alright, I'll have 2 messages. one for her, and one for OP. 

so, after a little chat with rotten (one of coffee's white knights), they showed me something else beside the ed page, a snip of OP getting attacked, getting called out as a pedophile and a weaboo... Now, I thought that it was edited and what not, because when I looked at the ED page, everything was the same... but then I re-looked at the url..... curious, I decided to press the talk: page on the ED... and lo and behold... the ED writers in a shellnut.. I'm sorry if I'm offending people, but when I looked at the talk page, I am looking at it now, I see EVERYONE being god damn butthurt.. I don't usually recall the ED writers being butthurt, but this is the first time I am witnessing the argument with my own eyes. You can look at it for yourself if you'd like. and oh lookie.. my comments were featured there, because I called coffee a lowcow, and she IS a fucked up lolcow.. eh, I could care less. when I heard from OP that coffee was praising to have an ED page, it made me confused to the core, and made me thought that she was sick in the head for even doing that. :/ but enough about that, everyone is coming onto coffee's profile to troll her, and also, starsthatsing, aka madteenager on ED basically exposed OP, and thought that rudewriter is OP... newsflash, OP doesn't have an ED writing page, neither is she a contributor.. I don't want to point fingers at people, buuut, yea, neither I know who rude is on here, all I know is Starsthatsing who bawleted off ED and what not, idek how she manages to use that account. But in all reality, I'm actually taking several steps back, and not getting involved.. at all. coffee does have me bawlocked, could care less, if she sees this message, good for her..

coffee.. you're not safe here on dA. Neither are you safe ANYWHERE. ED can track you down like a lost puppy if you were to make an new account ANYWHERE. You're gonna get trolled from there. You AND your white knights as well. I don't even know what's so good about you 'praising' that you have an ED page.. shows that you're demented completely in the head. But in all honesty, people are looking at the ED article, and all they can say is: "that person is sick!" well I can agree with them because you praising your ED page isn't a good things.. also, they have your personal information posted on it.. it's only the country tho.. if you post more of your info online, you're gonna have a bad time, and if that info gets on 4chan, or 8chan, you might as well get police protection, which is costly. Why? because some channers can and will track you down and hurt you! I'm not joking at all.. You don't know any of your watchers, maybe they can even do it as well. And people are thinking bad of you now. Hell, even I think of you as a bad person because you are. complaining in the forums and getting warnings for rule breaking, of course you're gonna get considered as a bad person. Now you understand what I mean, lolcow? or do you want me to explain it in short. I'm not. You're gonna read every bit of that information. Be careful tho.

As for you OP, you know I love you as a friend. But you need to lay off as well. crack shit ain't worth your time at all, and her complaining basically shows that she, as a teacher, has no life. Clearly. I mean, yes, I did try to defend you a bit there, but now I see the ED peeps white knighting crack shit... yea.. I never recalled the ED writers basically white knighting someone.. ever.. Now this happened.. what happened guys? I thought you were cool.. *sigh* I think that both sides should shut the fuck and MOVE ON! Like really. I may or may not join in on a livestream by OP and her friends, but I won't be saying much in it. I have nothing much to say about crack shit, beside that she's a lowcow and that she shouldn't be taken seriously because she herself is a weaboo, what the fuck ever. u-u but still, guys, stay away from her. 

amu out.
*throws in relations for Pretender cuz why the fuck not*
if Pretender says: "I have yet to learn about him/her", means that Pretender needs to get to know your character a bit more. Note that one character counts as canon in the storyline, which will be placed with an asterisk

people she considers as her siblings:

:icontricksterwicked: - Kaite Massacre*

".. I consider her as my sister. Better not lay a hand on her or I'll chop it right off your arm!"

:iconjacobthetorched: - Jacob 

"I have yet to learn about him."

:iconmionofdeath: - Yinko

"..I have yet to learn about her.. She seems fine to me tho.. and very cuddly."

:iconcuttheshadowdemon: - Cut

"she is one of my sisters. Do not harm her either, or else!"

people she considers as her sons/daughters:

:iconmarcospsychic: -Marcos

"he is my adoptive son. he's really kind."

people she considers as her 'specials' (sex buds): 

".... it's personal."

...that's it...


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Starna or Amu (which ever)
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Hey guys, Creepy Pasta Amateur here, or Sawgirl2, how ever you want to call me, call me Amu.

20 l Female l Tomboy l Bisexual l Taken l Artist l Writer l Reviewer l Stamp collector l Pro-Choice l Sweet Addict l Random l Blunt l Gamer l Agnostic Christian l


Five Nights At Freddy's l SuperJail! l Pokemon (to a degree) l OFF l Glasses (that is a fandom. a fandom about specs.)

Journal Doll~Kitty by RoomsInTheWalls 00 by S-bro

"Just because I hate something that you like, doesn't mean that you have to attack me over it."
"If you want the truth, stop jumping to conclusions, stop jumping on my words and let me explain peacefully."
"There are several reasons why I want to go to Hell when I die. One of them is simple. Hypocrisy."
"I'd rather be a monster than to be an egotistical bitch with knights surrounding me."
"I'm already branded as a monster, because I'm a fucking Zalgo Mutant."
"You better not even dare to lay your shitty hands on my boyfriend, bitch, or I will rip them apart and shove it up your sorry ass!"

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(wanna join? ask me via note, telling me what role do u desire)

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Dude.. we made a headcanon for 666.. and I'm still working on it.. amg.. talk to me more bbycakes. <3


I hadn't talked you in several hundred years and yet I wonder how mature you are <3 :)


I'm her personal cactus because why the fuck not~? <3<3<3 :eyes:


*turns on serbian language* Magdalena, ne znam kako da ti kazem ovo, ali si totalna legenda. Znaci.. Ja ne mogu da ti opisem koliko si ti super. Znaci.. Dolaz' ovamo u Srbiju!


He's really funny and I like his comedy plots.


This be my dada.. He's a big ass wolf that can turn into a small pup if you know him well. And he loves the steak I give him as a treat for being a good dad <3


Bruh... you're like.. fucking awesome.. like.. I wish to talk to you often but... I can't.. because I'm a lazy piece of shit Because I'm too shy and I know you're busy being awesome.. ;w;


bbycakes I miss you so much! come baaack!


Okay.. this sexeh butt right here! *points at the person* THIS SEXY BUTT RIGHT HERE! she's my friend! and she's fucking awesome! *nodding*//shot :iconcannotevenplz:


HHhhhhhh my little Kohai, give your senpai a hug~ <3<3<3


.. show me the goods//shotshotshot Just kidding. She's Rayven's girlfriend, and she's really adorable I wish I could squish her face.


The Sloth Dragon with glasses who happens to be my self-confidence.. God fucking Christ, give me your sexual glasses! I wanna wear 'em!


Dat one rainbow tiger, who happens to be my pet sidekick. together we have cool hair//shot


I'm the one hiding in her bathroom mirror. :'D giving her toothbrush every morning


we're finally back to how it once was. us finally being sisters. *clings onto her* :stare: no one better lay a paw on her anymore... ya got that guys? thank you

MY FUCKING INTERNET TWIN :iconpapmingplz: :iconcreepypastagangster: :iconpapmingplz:

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:icontheblaqkcat: <== are u active gurl? ;3; :iconbrokenhealer:

Relationship status: Already in a relationship, but because of what happened, we're keeping it off dA grounds.

Cryptophobia (Creepy Pasta Reviews) Team:

Art status:

:iconnorequests: I can't keep up anymore, due to short memory problems.. I am starting to lose track of what I'm doing.. I may open up eventually or something like that.. sorry guys
:icontradesask: I can do them, as long as you do your part of the trade. Please..
:iconpointcommissionsopen: Yea, point commissions are varied, I'm thinking of changing the prices.. again.. =w=
:iconcollabsopen: Wanna do a collab? Sure thing bruh. I'm always open for em
:icongiftsfriendsonly: I'm a forgetful little bitch, but I'll do gifts for my closest ones.

Stamps that match me for who I am:

Stamp: Dear Canonfags by RottedStamps Go! Fly as a bird. by UmbrellaUnrequired My Watchers by Nagae--Iku Bitch Please by MintyStamps Stamp: I'll ship whatever I damn well please. by Catthylove Stamp: OC does not always mean Mary-Sue by Catthylove Stamp: Self-insert does not always mean Mary-Sue. by Catthylove Stamp: I ship fanon. by Catthylove Stamp: ...unless I have amnesia. by Catthylove I respect those who respect me. by Catthylove Stamp: Words can hurt worse. by Catthylove Stamp: Gays aren't ruining your life by Riza-Izumi Different... by sirocco-rc Stamp: BoyXGirl Shipper. by Catthylove Stamp: They just are. by Catthylove As in, no 'THIS JUST SUCKS' by endler Friends by vampirate6 Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Insane Stamp by Shelly-oneechan Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Background Music by Skylark-93 This is How I Feel by Mr-Stamp Support :3 by lerato Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 Life needs... by Ishdakitty Pajamas Stamp by Worldincoffee Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolf wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Drugfree Stamp by LiveToCode Originality Stamp by lynseylew insane stamp by Aggrotard Be Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYou Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl I love black stamp by violetsteel My Memory Sucks by renatalmar Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps stare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---x There is no spoon by cfryant What is an Artist? by Neikoish I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle Icecream Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love sweets - stamp by candysores Cookie Stamp by pronouncedyou I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Complete Sentences stamp by barefootphotos Fave and Run Stamp by StampsbyJen Fave Art Stamp by GoodiesForYou wake up STAMP by peterdzign morning people stamp by barefootphotos Anger issues. by obakestamps Mind Stamp by jenepooh Hypnose by Mr-Stamp I love night stamp by coolmaggi Character Stamp by Arpie Damaged but not broken by Clelius Stamp: Fucking Liars by RottedStamps

Random things (I guess?)

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal


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Art commisions
don't know wht I am doing this, but oh well..
full body art: This is just a simple test of a full body art by Amu-Amateur
will do free and point adoptables soon



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Yeah, I noticed, which is why I can't wrap my head around it, like why do they really think your her.. You both
are way different imo.
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ah, sorry. XD didn't get what you said there, I was tired when I wrote you that comment.

but yea, not to mention the contributors of ED thought it was a good idea to diss the admins. they're not pleased a bit.
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