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What NOT to do when being a nurse trainer!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 7:34 AM

Okay, first, I decided to change my journal skin for a bit. Because I fucking can. But this isn't what I'm doing today. Changing the skins constantly. And basically writing journals about how I'm bored as shit.. Decided to do something for today.

Now, I myself, finished nurse training school, and me, passing off with solid grades, I have been taught so much there in my old school, and even if I still struggle with finding a job, I do try my best to help out the others who do have a job and are newbies. It's hard work being a nurse trainer, but it's harder to be a nurse trainer, in an orphanage. (it just is, if you were in Serbia, you'd get that you need a lot of mental strength there) Enough about that. Today, I'm gonna talk about this topic here, because it's very essential for future nurse trainers/kindergarten teachers, and because there are major do's and don't's when it comes to nurse training. Now, my friend Anna (nicknamed Max), a friend of mine from SA (South Africa) had just quit her job as a nurse trainer because of what happened in the creche.  It's not kindergarten like in other countries I know, but when I found out what happened before the journal below was made, it made me want to get a plane ticket, get all the way to SA, and literally use an old wooden bat to literally bash the hell out of those nurse trainers for not doing their job properly. 

If you live in Kraaifontein, READ THISAnyone from South Africa living in Kraaifontein, I have something to say about a creche called Rondomtalie.
If you can, find ANY other creche to put your kid(s) in. The current owner abuses both staff and toddlers.
Among other things, she scream at the kids, yanks them around, throws them around and hits them. Her own son gets away with hitting and fighting other children, and they get yelled at, even though they're innocent.  
I'm not listing it all here, but feel free to message me if you want to know more.  Kraaifonteiners ONLY

I don't care if I sounded very rude back there, being a nurse trainer is a hard job, as parents leave children into your care, and you yourself act as the second parent, or rather a teacher that will provide the child great care. The kids do have limits on their do's and don't's, as do nurse trainers. What you see in the provided journal, the experience of my friend who had been working for several months now, that is a major NO! That is not just literal physical and mental abuse not just of adults, but also children as well. You get toddlers who are up to 3 year old, that is if you're a higher rank Nurse Trainer (you have to have college for that) you get children up to 7 years of age, and you are provided to take care of the children, 6 hours a day. (from 6 am, to 12 pm, but it all depends on where you live.) All in all, when I first heard what that owner was doing, I literally screamed in my head, saying: "THAT PERSON NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL, SOMEONE CALL THE FUCKING PO-PO!!" If you can't run a kindergarten, don't fucking bother to even buy one. If you're an owner of any kindergarten/creche/what ever, you are to provide proper care for children and workers there, because every worker out there is different, same goes for children. There will be children with both physical and mental disabilities, which will be placed among children who are clean, or don't have any disability. If you were in my country, the kindergartens here are very strict and have a strict policy on their do's and don't's. And yes, I even got to experience seeing a child with Down syndrome in a group of normal children. Did anyone shun the kid? Did anyone made fun of him? No. They tried their best to help him and make him feel like he's fitting in, which is the whole point of a kindergarten or any other children institution. They do teach you that One mustn't shun anyone for being different. Sad to say, with that said education, it still doesn't help much, and the bullying in future schools occurs daily.. But back on topic with the journal. That is just wrong on so many levels, and Anna, if you're reading this, it's best that you actually quit that job, because if you endured more abuse from that shitty owner, there would be a chance of you having a mental breakdown, and of course, I'd worry too fucking much. You really should file a report to the police, not just for the sake of children, but workers as well. 

I hope that for you future nurse trainers or owners of any children institution, please don't do the same thing as those mentioned in the journal. Have a nice day.

guys I'm bored as fuck

Wed Mar 4, 2015, 12:53 PM
but I has to do some reference info on my oc's.. *whines* so who wants to do shit?… this user right here was formerly known as RRCherryPie, a well known Japanese YT channel that provided us with DIY candy, Konapun and other Japanese toys. I remember the first time I found out of them back in '10 or so, however, 2 years later in 2012, they have been dealing with a copy cat channel on Twitter, which was a fake account.. well, it went on for 2 years until I noticed the behavior change in RR, which got me worried, as they were only 'feeding the troll', by giving it attention and briefly mentioning it.. Yes, I did call them out and told them to ignore the copy cat channel because it was likely an attention seeker and that he/she/they weren't worth their time and that they're stressing over spilled milk.. I made the call out comment in one of their videos because I grew tired of their behavior and mentioning the said attention seeker, because the more they were mentioned, the more people followed that twitter account and it wasn't worth it at all, because they were stressing over a person on the internet who was dire of attention.. Welp, because I'm becoming more of a sane person, at the time, I THOUGHT that it was an attention seeking ass hole.

The first thing I want to talk about are the recent comments. I've seen many, MANY death threats on that edited video (the video had been edited for some time now, the previous one was 2 years old) saying that the faker should go die, commit suicide, etc and etc, now, how is that effective people of YT? It isn't. You are giving the ass hat what they desire, more attention. Because, legit fact, telling someone to commit suicide over the internet IS cyber bullying, but in this case, the said persona 'just doesn't give a shit', and is enjoying the death threats that YT users are giving them. Why you ask? Because they can't take you seriously, and you spitting out death threats only makes the faker laugh and feed off your attention for them. Ever heard of the phrase: "don't feed the troll"? It's petty, please desist from the death threats as they are not worth your time..

The second thing I wanted to point out is how this affects them. And before you ask, why you refer to RR as 'them', I believe that they are Agender. Like Rebornica, Agenders are usually referred to as they/them/it. I have seen their face on several occasions in some videos that they posted, and yes, they absolutely look gorgeous. Now, I should blame the majority of YT comment-ers here because of the death threats and rude behavior. RR doesn't want to see death threats aimed at anyone here, they don't even bother with the haters as they tolerate them pretty well and pay no attention. Unless they decide to be racists, then they'd throw out a kind education to their faces. XD But again, you fans of RR are affecting them in a bad way and it makes people think badly of RR because of your lewd behavior. 

Third thing.… when I saw the video, I checked their blog to see what was up, and I saw that You Tube, whom they have a legal partnership and have earned presents for reaching a necessary sum of subscribers, Twitter thought that YT RR is the fake one, and that Twitter RR is the real one, which is quite sad, because people have filed a complaint report to Twitter for almost 3 years, buuut.. Twitter just doesn't give a shit. So for newbie subscribers, let it be known that RR DOES NOT possess Twitter.. and that it's a fake account that harassed them and ruined their image, which continued on because of the every video mentions. To old subscribers (don't judge me, I don't have to sub to them just because I like their vids), it gets pretty much annoying of the every video mentions, not because the issue cannot be solved, but because RR is taking it seriously, hence the whole "don't feed the troll" complex, call me a bitch for saying that, but the faker is doing that because they are no lifers, literate flamers who are dire for attention and will get it if the said persona mentions them in every video, but of course, with fans asking that, no wonder that they have been getting a bit of a bad rep. I'm not saying that I despise them, I'm only trying to help them, since Twitter is an ass thorn of the internet that just won't give a flying dong, ignoring it would be the best option... but.. 

The fourth and the final thing I want to mention.. 

Meh sister had a experence with this.
So my sister had recently found out about RRcherrypie (She is 8). So she was look around the place until she saw the "RRcherrypie" had a twitter. She went to me fast and went "Can I use your twitter to follow RRcherrypie??" I said yes cuz at the time I had NO idea who was RRcherrypie. So quickly when I follow him.. He sent my sis a letter saying "Where you live. I want to give your some of the candy!" My sister replyed lie this " i dont know. but i live in ENTER MY TOWN HERE".She told me the next day about the candy thing. I told her that he is trying to find out where he live and he is bad. So I went to your channel to check you out. When I saw this video I ran to sis and said "HE IS NOT RRCHERRYPIE!! UNFOLLOW HIM!!" We quickly unfollowed him and he send us this message
"You have made a WRONG mistake. What is wrong with you kid? Your a retard.. and you know it. FOLLOW ME NOW. I will find you and kill you. I AM WATCHING. NO CANDY FOR YOU YOU LITTLE BITCH"
I would like to thank RRcherrypie (The real one) for posting this. You have earned a like and a sub. I owe you big.
PS I would love for you to see this. :)
Show less
Chances are it just a hater account.. Or tha guy just REALLY hate you. 
PS. There is more than one rrcherrypie on twitter. There like 5 different RRcherrypies.I think they might be one in facebook too.

So apparently, beside more fake accounts on Twitter and on Facebook, the main fake account actually did that.. the fans have been warned about it and the child ended up telling where they live.. well, it wasn't much of a location there, if it's only a hometown, they'd need time to find a proper address and the country they live in, which would show that they are a literate stalker, and ya know the INTERNET POLICY HERE! DO NOT SHARE YOUR GOD DAMN HOME LOCATIONS, PERIOD!! Reasons why is that the internet is filled with pedophiles and God forbid unknown serial killers who are simply waiting to start a move on a victim. 

What I want from you guys is to show some support for RR, they are taking a semi-retirement because of their job and because of what had happened, they need to know that they are not alone, and sadly that big ass industries such as Twitter won't listen, and don't follow the "customer is always right" complex. It's like dA here. XD 

Have a nice day or night, and peace out. uwu


Tue Mar 3, 2015, 5:27 AM
I have something important to tell you guys..

If you think to yourself that you're fat and ugly, and if the other side of the mirror shows that false illusion, stand in front of it, and yell out of your lungs that you're FUCKING BEAUTIFUL the way you are. Don't let your brain say otherwise, because you are you and everyone loves you for who you are, even if you say to yourself that it's a lie. 

Don't lie to yourself at all. Don't lie to yourself that you're not worth living in this world. You know very well the consequences of what will happen if you end your goals there and drop dead. That won't fix your problems at all, and it will cause such grief to your friends and family. Karma is your good bitch and a bad bitch, and they're gonna get what's deserved if they were the ones causing you such trouble. 

Put that knife and those pills down, and that vodka if you're trying to poison yourself. Don't you dare try to eat that cigarette or even choke on it. You're not worth possessing those items in your hands as they are a one way ticket to nothingness. (basically meaning purgatory or something similar to that)

If you're getting bullied, or you have endured sexual harassment, or been abused in family, don't make the same mistakes some did and fucking get help immediately! It's for the best if you talk to someone whom you can trust, and don't say you don't have anyone to trust, there is always that one friend who is going to be your savior in your life! 

Don't bottle up those emotions in your body at all. The emotions will affect your body in a bad way, the more emotions you bottle up, the more it takes a toll on your physical and spiritual health. 

Depression is the puppeteer, it's in your head definitely. Don't let depression take over your life and let it manipulate you. Speak up and help yourself.


If you aren't able to help yourself, in any case, try to help the others in dire need. It will help you boost up your self-confidence and make you feel like you have a goal in your life. 

<w> I'm done.


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Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:27 AM
I'mbooooooored... let's do something shitty!
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