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Some of my stupid art.Don't look at it.It's horrible.


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Hey guys, just a minor thing if people read this.. please, don't thank me for the faves, watches, llamas, etc, it's not that it's annoying or anything it's just that I'm grateful of people taking the time off their hands to watch me, even if I don't thank them, because, I know some of them don't like to be thanked. so, you know the drill, if I don't thank you for a watch or a fave, consider it to heart that I'm actually grateful and too busy having a feels moment to even do anything. thanks for reading


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nopenothing to see here bruhs. nothing at all. uwu just a blank journal <3
time to get back to actual work

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I'm feeling a tad bit better, listening to some music while drawing my persona.. 

2 deviants said thanks so much for the support guys.
No deviants said especially from certain duo.. hint hint ;) :eyes:

Collecting my thoughts

Fri May 22, 2015, 5:03 AM
if I'm quiet guys, or I don't respond, I need time for myself.. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me at all, and I fear that today isn't a good day as well, considering that I cried yesterday when I wrote that journal.. wish I was joking tho.. For my fans and watchers, please understand this. If you need someone to talk to, to vent, rant, what the fuck ever, just come to me and talk it out with me. I'm here to listen. Just don't make me come to your profile and drag your little booties to me notes. ;w;

I don't want any of my fans and watchers to just blatantly end their lives like that. Even if I don't know you much, or I don't know you at all, my doors are always open. But now, I just need to collect my thoughts a bit, since what happened yesterday.. Yes, I did went a bit insane and cried a bit because I almost lost one of my internet brothers, but so far, I'm fine.. I just need some time for myself..

anyways, while I'm collecting my thoughts, have this.. masterpiece..

Charlotte by Amu-Amateur

^^; I did a video, tho it's a bit bad, so sorry about that, I just needed something to draw... and I ended up drawing Charlotte from HOME/Unknown. The video will be up soon..

thanks for your concern. 


I don't know what the fuck is going on, but a sum of my watchers/fans are either depressed or suicidal, or prone to suicide, like, a couple of my friends are undergoing suicidal tendencies and it fucking worries me.. I swear, I feel so fucking invisible here. I keep telling EVERYONE, EVERYONE that if they have problems to FUCKING TALK TO ME. I'm always listening guys, why can't you understand that there are people who are willing to listen to you? It's worrying me a lot guys, I don't know how else to say it.. I'm fucking worried for the sum of my watchers I still have. Guys, for the sake of everything, my office hours are open!! even if I'm not online, feel free to leave me a note/comment/what the fuck ever, and fucking talk with me about your problems.. Because this thing is making me feel completely useless.. 

.... I am doing a thing. I am drawing.. a headcanon.. for the third nightguard.. of five nights at freddy's 3... why? cuz, last night, I play Flumpty, I beat the first one without loss, and the second one.. I was close, but.. slippery fingers during grumpy mc grumps arrival (the clown), and I had the character in my head for a while so, might as well spoil it a bit

-his real name is Jenny (reference from here: [link]), but calls himself Johnathan. John for short.
-he's transgender (born female, but mainly considers himself as a guy, goes by he/him or even it)
-his right arm is amputated (lost it when he was but a kid in orphanage, explanation on that soon), wears a prosthetic arm since 2019 (event takes place in 2022-23)
-born in 29th July, 2003 (during the event of FNAF 3, he's around 19-20)
-his adoptive parents are homosexual couple (shit ton of LGBT related shit here, dun like dun look//slapped)

... and that's it for now.

I just.. I wanna share this... this is kind of.. part of my childhood or some shit like that..  I just want to come out about the little game itself when I was a kid, I don't know if new gen kids actually know of the game, I'll explain it. If you're an Old Gen person and/or know of the game I'm gonna talk about, good for you.. If not, sit down with the new gens over there, this is gonna be a bit long..

There was this game called "Easter Eggs". Yes, it's a game apparently, and in Serbia, back then when I was a kid, it was actual, or.. rather a trend.. I don't know who came up with the game, but it was a very fun one.. I eventually forgot about the game when I hit my teen years.. And I remembered it.. about... pssh... 20 minutes ago, when I was asking mom if she was going shopping cuz, dog needs to go to his routine check up and take his anti-bug medicine and some anti-biotic shots.. She asked: "what do we need?" in which it got me to pause for a bit and question myself: "where did that sentence come from?" Until I realized where it came from.. from the Easter Egg Game.

Easter Egg

The joys of you being a small infant, or rather a child.. no responsibility what so ever, except the only thing you needed to do, was get out and play with the others as a way to socialize.. Now, I was always the modest, yet often quiet kid.. no friends what so ever, just.. neutrals.. they'd always call me in to play games with them such as group tag, where you get frozen (rhetorically), and you have to unfreeze the other before the 'snow man' catches you to free them.. But we're not talking about that game, we're talking about this game.. It was fun truth be honest, a lot of running in involved, but a bit of running never killed anyone... don't take it to heart people, we all need to exercise.. and I have to like, arrange stuff so I can hit the gym soon.. moving on~

How to Play

The game goes like this: You have about.. more than 5 kids in the group, approximately 7 or 9, and they choose to be any color, but it only has to be ONE color, no stripes, no 2 color, no 3 color, one color per person.. you have a merchant, and another player, who was portrayed as "the Devil from the Sky". The conversation goes as this.

-*knock knock* 
-Hey, who is it?
-Devil from the sky
-What do you need?
-An egg.
-Which one?
- ___ (any color depicted)

After the person chooses the right color of the egg, that 'egg' starts running. If they return back to home base, you get a rotten egg, and have to start over. Or, they have to choose again, if they picked a color that isn't listen in the game, in which the merchant has a right to say:

-sorry we don't have that color.

The game ends when the runner gets all the 'eggs', and the game starts anew. 

But what is so creepy about the game? Pay attention to who is talking. The merchant is talking to "The Devil from the Sky", which could mean that the merchant is talking to Lucifer himself, considering that he himself is a depiction of the Devil, hence people saying "devil from the sky". We know Lucifer was once an Angel, but turned against God for his own reasons and was cast out of Heaven. Now the theory behind it.

Theory (my take on it)

The theory behind it goes as this. Lucifer is a depiction of the Devil from the Sky, was known for his charm and beauty, and his voice. He turned against God not for selfish reasons, but because he didn't want order nor rule upon himself. Hence him getting cast out of Heaven. Because of his hatred to God, he makes sure that anyone who sells their soul to him are forever doomed, no matter how innocent they are. The Merchants step in, as mere depiction of managers, CEO, etc and etc.. people often sell their souls to the Merchants without their knowing of their true intention. The Merchants have their name like that because they can sell it directly to Lucifer for anything in return, usually would be a small wish. When Lucifer steps in, the Merchant has every right to sell that soul to him, without holding back what so ever, they are known to be greedy, so be careful. If your name ends up on Lucifer's List, you will be chased down like a puppy. The home base is the safe haven, which would be known as the Church. Lucifer cannot enter into the Church, as he no longer is the child of God, deems him worthless of chasing after you.. for now.. So he himself has the right to choose another soul to hunt down.. The 'game' starts anew, when he collects much souls, with the help of the Merchants.. 

... now I really wish for Mullet Mike to review this... I'd be really honored if he did.. ;w; but truth be honest, now that I look at it from my new perspective, I find it weird that it was actually a trend back then.. 


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Starna or Amu (which ever)
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Hey guys, Creepy Pasta Amateur here, or Sawgirl2, how ever you want to call me, call me Amu.

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Journal Doll~Kitty by RoomsInTheWalls 00 by S-bro

"Just because I hate something that you like, doesn't mean that you have to attack me over it."
"If you want the truth, stop jumping to conclusions, stop jumping on my words and let me explain peacefully."
"There are several reasons why I want to go to Hell when I die. One of them is simple. Hypocrisy."
"I'd rather be a monster than to be an egotistical bitch with knights surrounding me."
"I'm already branded as a monster, because I'm a fucking Zalgo Mutant."
"You better not even dare to lay your shitty hands on my boyfriend, bitch, or I will rip them apart and shove it up your sorry ass!"

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Dude.. we made a headcanon for 666.. and I'm still working on it.. amg.. talk to me more bbycakes. <3


I hadn't talked you in several hundred years and yet I wonder how mature you are <3 :)


I'm her personal cactus because why the fuck not~? <3<3<3 :eyes:


*turns on serbian language* Magdalena, ne znam kako da ti kazem ovo, ali si totalna legenda. Znaci.. Ja ne mogu da ti opisem koliko si ti super. Znaci.. Dolaz' ovamo u Srbiju!


He's really funny and I like his comedy plots.


This be my dada.. He's a big ass wolf that can turn into a small pup if you know him well. And he loves the steak I give him as a treat for being a good dad <3


HHhhhhhh my little Kohai, give your senpai a hug~ <3<3<3


.. show me the goods//shotshotshot Just kidding. She's Rayven's girlfriend, and she's really adorable I wish I could squish her face.


The Sloth Dragon with glasses who happens to be my self-confidence.. God fucking Christ, give me your sexual glasses! I wanna wear 'em!


Dat one rainbow tiger, who happens to be my pet sidekick. together we have cool hair//shot

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Cryptophobia (Creepy Pasta Reviews) Team:

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:iconnorequests: I can't keep up anymore, due to short memory problems.. I am starting to lose track of what I'm doing.. I may open up eventually or something like that.. sorry guys
:icontradesask: I can do them, as long as you do your part of the trade. Please..
:iconpointcommissionsopen: Yea, point commissions are varied, I'm thinking of changing the prices.. again.. =w=
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Random things (I guess?)

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal



- le cry -
Mon Mar 16, 2015, 11:54 AM
I can't help it, I Have a Sweet tooth D,:
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 11:11 AM
not my cookies! D': *runs past rayven* hi sis! get back here!
Mon Mar 9, 2015, 8:20 AM
Love chu sisseh~ OvO
Sun Mar 8, 2015, 10:21 PM
-steals your cookies- >:3
Sun Mar 8, 2015, 2:44 PM
Sat Mar 7, 2015, 1:40 AM
Because I can~
Fri Mar 6, 2015, 2:10 PM
how dare you?//shot
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:28 AM
-noms on chokolate bars-
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I'mbooooooored... let's do something shitty!
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 12:36 PM


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