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Some of my stupid art.Don't look at it.It's horrible.


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Hey guys, just a minor thing if people read this.. please, don't thank me for the faves, watches, llamas, etc, it's not that it's annoying or anything it's just that I'm grateful of people taking the time off their hands to watch me, even if I don't thank them, because, I know some of them don't like to be thanked. so, you know the drill, if I don't thank you for a watch or a fave, consider it to heart that I'm actually grateful and too busy having a feels moment to even do anything. thanks for reading


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nopenothing to see here bruhs. nothing at all. uwu just a blank journal <3
time to get back to actual work

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I'm procrastinating here like crazy instead of doing character development. Need proper motivation so to speak. So who wants to rp?
alright guys, remember when I said that I wasn't gonna be on for the remainder of the day last night? welp, I was out for more than 8 hours, since 10 am CET to just now, which is 20 minutes to 5 pm. Now upon closer realization, I didn't HAVE to study the baby care for testing today, instead, I got an intelligence test and 2 tests regarding personality, and such.. ^^; but here's a kicker guys. Tomorrow, I'm going out for the weekend back to Becej, then on Sunday, I will get back home to Belgrade, because a week from today, I have to go back to have a talk with one of the workers there, to see if I have qualified or not. So, there might be a possibility that, starting tomorrow, and for a whole month, plus the beginning of June, I might be extremely busy with real life that I won't be online much to do stuff that I want to do, but nothing to worry people, I will do them when I can, just give me some time. so, to compile up a short schedule, I have the following things to do:

1st May - Going back to Becej for the weekend/3rd May - returning back home
7th May - a conversation with the worker to see if I passed the IQ/Personality test
8th - 29th May - I might be busy in some of the days here and there, because on the 30th, one of my godfathers is having a wedding on the 30th of May, not to mention that I also have to do some of important stuff for the routine check up
30th May - my godfather's wedding
4th June - routine check up for my PCOS. 

so yea, truth be honest, the month of May will possibly be one of THE BUSIEST months for me out there, because of all the scheduled and unscheduled shit I have to do, so yea, if there are any lack of art, sorry, or if I'm replying late to you guys, sorry about that. I won't hold off the rp's, however, as a result, I WILL sound very very very off character, please, do not blame me for portraying the character in a most off way, when I tend to stress, I tend to act differently, so, sorry about that.. 

anyways, thanks for consideration and reading this journal, and wish me luck in getting that job finally ;w;
reason to it is because of my job search, I have testing tomorrow at the local kindergarten, so yea, I've been cramming a bit of that baby care for a while now so <'P 

wish me luck guys
alright, so, first off, I'm a bit pissed at myself, because, personal reasons.. ^^; I need to do a redraw of Lazar, Pretender's first proxy and 'possible hunny bun', if you catch my drift :) but Sai decided to fuck me over and.. yea.. But enough about me.. So, I've seen a journal by a friend of mine, delusional, which, at first, I thought that she might have talked about me.. cuz, well, let's be honest, the 2k15 had been very bad for me in social life, but in relationship life, it got very better <3 I'm almost 3 months with :icongothic-bunny-13:, she's my and will's girl (we're in a 3 way relationship, and so far, it's been GREAT! No really, not kidding, I really love her, like.. I'd kill just to get her and will to my place ;w; ) <3<3<3 and I love her to pieces, along with my babu willy milly <3<3<3<3

... sorry I got a bit over the top with stuff, creativity clogging my head and simply thinking about my baes gets me motivated.. a little too much.. ^^; but anyways, back to the topic, someone links me this journal here.  *sigh* I don't wanna do this but ah well /rant/Suri,
don't ever talk to me again.
in one comment I made I said im not taking sides,
but then I was trash talking about one situation I had from her in the past.
well guess what?
she just blatantly unwatches me after I unwatched her,
now it was actually a test to see what she would do (well, even though there was AOT ALOT ALOT of negativity around).
then I saw that I was removed from her 'friend list',
i don't fucking care why,
it's just gonna go back to the old....tsundere me, because im fed up to be suspiscious to my own 'friend'.
it's allons-y, but then it's  au revoir!
and gee, :iconcreepypastas-exe:
don't ever think that aspergers is going to be your excuse,
I am slightly pissed, when you call yourself in the 'LGBT pride' to me,
you just brought it down.
she didnt even say anything to me?!
i don't think I was death threatening her or anything, she just simply left because she probably expected more of a better knave in hand
but now this is a bloody
 Now, I remember the name Suri, but when I scrolled down, I was baffled.. they were talking about this user here.. :iconcreepypastas-exe: I don't know what she did, beside the fact that I hadn't known her that much, we did talk on.. some occasions I guess, some.. but, regardless, I don't know her at all, I guess, you can consider her as more of a neutral type with her.. I didn't pay much attention to her at all, that is until I noticed the other journal here:  User Rant: Creepypastas-exeThis journal was originaly made for people that asked me to tell about what kind of awful things this person → :iconcreepypastas-exe: has done all the time on Instagram and DeviantART. 
First of all, I knew this girl since in the begging of 2014. 
She has ranted on MoKaLo like two weeks ago for drawing porn while Suri HERSELF draws porn and even request it. Her oc Dolly was paired with my time ago sold CP character Melting Radio. So Suri points out how Mokalo draws porn and pedophilia??? Well guess what her Dolly was 13 and M.Radio was over 18. Yes, she still was finding it okay. She went to far so I cancelled the pairing.
So dear Suri, don't shit on Mokalo for reasons you are doing.
And btw, she has an ED page, why?
Well some people on IG gave their opinions on Sinka. And guess what? She ended up on cursing them and swearing, good thing the blog got a chance to screenshot them before she deleted those comments. ((Sorry no screenshots+Im writing this on phone))
And s
 ... she has.. an ED page? I'm seeing it for myself, and god fucking dammit... question. WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK DID YOU DO SURI?! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO?!!

welp, apparently, she had been making hate stamps of other users, and even threw an F bomb on some blog on Instagram because they gave out a negative critique on your OC's? as a reviewer, I'll be honest with you Suri. But your characters are bland, and boring. I'm not using the term 'mary sue', because people LOVE to abuse that word. But seriously, your characters are bland, especially when you request people too much to draw your characters... it gets annoying to people, because the character IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE.. =-= I may do a rant on her, a video rant, it will be in my main channel, probably tomorrow or day after, I'll consider. But remember that I AM NOT GETTING INVOLVED INTO THIS AT ALL! Reason why I am ranting is because I thought that she was a cool person and such, now I think otherwise.. I'm sorry Suri, but I thought you were cool.. now... I don't know what to think of you anymore.. 

more journals: 

This person should be ahamed!EDIT 2
I have been blocked from :iconcreepypastas-exe:
This only proves the point of the Anon and even mine.
She says that her "boyfriend is new and talks on instantgram"
Also another anon has gave me more information from 2 anons
1st anon
-private info-
She blocked me too.
Fucking wow. She's blaming the fandom for something brought up to herself, she thinks that leaving the fandom will make everything better and also, she's saying that she's gonna make sinka fandomless and is blaming "Madre" for it -private info-
Second Anon
im too scared to call her out, but i have some information regarding suri aswell.
during her argument with a bad oc blog on instagram, she send her friends a dm out. 
The dm had a bunch of things such as knifes and other sharp objects out on it.
she threatened to HARM HERSELF, over a small rant about her oc. she didnt even care f
  Creepypasta-exe Rant~With the Dorkson, Icybat, Veglock, and Grum~~
Life is always more fun with the Icy~~
 so far, this is what I found about her.. 

..anywho, I'm cleaning out my block list for my own reasons, I'll keep it empty and simply use it if necessary.. have a nice day guys, or night or what ever, I need to... calm down. 

update: recently, a friend of mine, who had a request by their friend, made a hate group for Suri, which got major backlash afterwards, no one even knows if surimix (the account that is probably suri herself, we don't know) is suri at all, so please, don't jump on the bandwagon too fast.

I did what!?So apparently I made a Suri hate group. 
I don't think we'll at night. 
I agreed to make that Suri stop group because I was mad at what was happening (I have anger issues) 
but now I see this and I'm like "what did I do?"
i can't remember what even happened last night so this group is news to me. 
I only remember some things, but barely anything. 
Anyways, now that I've cooled off, let me say something about :iconsurimix:
Suri, I understand. 
I understand you are still young, and you will make mistakes. 
Your actions weren't good, but they were human. 
As human beings, we make mistakes. 
I made tons of mistakes, and I still do. 
I used to be a hateful person and make harsh rants about people (even you Suri) behind their backs. 
Do I stil do that? No. Because I learned better. 
Learning that lesson took months for me, even still I find it difficult. 
Suri, I am trying to look at the good in people, and I know there is good

also, I'd like to point out a thing. in one journal, by the same person surimix, I've seen rude comments from people, when that person said that they were feeling suicidal. People today, need to fucking understand when there are limits, and need to tell a difference, between a fucking pity wanting, and a fucking cry for help, because I ended up bawling my eyes and the disgusting comments I've seen. the journal had been removed, but in all honesty, I'm quite disgusted with your immature behavior guys. regardless, you could have gotten away with murder there, because a 14 year old girl like her, isn't like Erin at all. we know what Erin did, and she's 14. suri on the other hand may be 14, but you can drive a 14 year old to fucking suicide, cuz she, unlike Erin, lacks a bit of self-esteem, so, blame the actions, not the person, and get off the fucking high horse and just ignore and fucking move on from her. she has an ED page, which is public, that is punishment enough. so leave her alone now, don't leave rude comments, and NO HATE GROUPS! you guys dig? good. 


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shadowfan92 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist…

I see you've tried to help the Queen of Sluts too.  I wouldn't waste my breathe if I was you.  That psycho only cares about one thing:  Sex.   And as long as she can draw her rapist wife-beating child porn however she wants to she's happy because Child porn comes from her as she says "heart and soul~ "

She doesn't listen to anyone because she thinks she's an Arr God and the rest of us who actually know how to art are wretched jealous peasants who dare to defy her supreme superior Porn.

Personally I think she's schizo and was more than likely sexual assulted by a family member or close friend and told she deserved it because it was "Love~ "
Amu-Amateur Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
so.. keeping an eye on her after getting a new account just in case she attempts to start drama is actually me trying to 'help her'? people's logic nowadays, I swear, it's enough that people accuse me of making 'new accounts' or being someone I'm not. I know she's the typical 25 year old who draws nothing but rapey rape I am completely aware of it, but I am still gonna keep a close eye on her just in case she starts shit.. again.. it's enough that people need to fucking rest up from Princess Elizabeth, which, a prop for her, she blocked her on FA. :'D

but in all honesty, I did try to offer my help to her, if she wants to go her way to ruin her rep even more, I could care less at all about it, I'm just gonna keep an eye on her.. and.. probably she could be a schizo.. I have no idea myself, no one knows much about her past, so yea.. assumptions on. *laughs a bit*

but, if you want me to tell you a thing, cat lady, akai, ain't got shit on the whole creepy pasta fandom. why? because the fandom, today, consists of nothing, but rape, child pornography, and mary-sues/gary-stus/rips, what the fuck ever you want to call them, but trust me, the fandom has caused so many artists to either get their characters out of the fandom, or kill them off completely. now, there are some individuals I won't mention, because I don't want their white knights going for my ass, because I've been dealing with some bullshit for ages now, not to mention that I was feeling depressed for a long while, thankfully I'm fine, but I don't need their white knights at me..

so, what makes them so bad that they are worse than akai? okay, if you want that answer, go stay in the creepy pasta for a day and you'll see how bad it is. Unlike akai, what rules there, is basically incest, child pornography, rape between a real life persona and a fictional character, to the point some user had to leave, because his character was used as a fucking sex toy. so yea, in reality, every creepy pasta today, is a fucking sex toy. I can give akai major props, because she only ships herself with sonic and shadow, while in the cp fandom, you see:

jeff x liu (his own brother)
jeff x sally ( a fucking 8 year old ghost, who apparently has an age gap to her)
jeff x slender man (he's a myth creature who's thousands of years old)
jeff x laughing jack (idk how old the monochrome clown is, but come on)
jeff x eyeless jack
jeff x oc
and etc, and etc. 

reason why I'm putting this up here, is because of the fact that there are worse people out there, than akai. Yes, akai did bullshit. back then. today, if she can actually stoop to the levels of creepy pasta fandom, plus princess elizabeth, it will take her, a lot, to get there.

Now, I'm not saying that I am defending her or anything, but I'm proving my 2 cents here about her.. Yes, I am gonna keep an eye on her. if she doesn't want my assistance, fine by me, I could care less, but I am still gonna keep an eye on her, to see what shit is she gonna do, but so far, she hadn't done much. however, Cat Lady, you need to understand that there are, and will be, those kind of people out there, who will do, far more bullshit, than her. 

tl;dr: Akai to this day is old news, regardless of her doing shit she wants to do, even if she has an account here, there are people out there who are gonna, or are even doing far more bullshit than she could ever muster, or even possibly do. 

also, cat lady. I heard about what happened between you, and levi and the crew, but if you want my opinion, you girls are up each other's throats at this point where it's gonna end up badly, to the very least one of you, or even multiple of you end up putting themselves under the knife from too much stress.. for the sake of you and them, that goes for Levi as well, get off the throats of one another, stop the pointless drama, stop making videos about one another, saying this and that, because it's not getting anyone anywhere, and people are gonna end up saying: "screw the whole 'don't judge a book by it's cover', I'm gonna listen to person A, and I'm gonna bash on you, until you do the thing you will regret!" I know you Cat Lady, and I know you're a good person, but in this case, the both parties are actually the bad guys. You, Levi, and the rest. I'm not saying it, because I have anything against you, trust me, I don't. You guys are the inspiration for me, to keep up with what I want to do in the future. sometimes I do small rants and such, even if it's unscripted, but I;m getting there regardless XD

but my point is that, what Levi said in the 'story of my life' video, actually got me a bit hurt.. like.. I came here to the internet, to try and meet new friends here, to socialize with the other world and such, to communicate with people around the world through the internet. that sentence, which was directed to you, I think it said: "don't want friends? then don't log into the internet"... something like that.. not only did it got me a bit hurt, but it made me feel like the 'internet friends' I have online, are nothing.. Levi needs to understand that some of her sentences can actually hurt some people. I'd rather internet friends over real life friends, because I didn't have them when I was a kid.. even in high school, I struggled befriending the girls I was in during my high school years. people need to understand that internet friends ARE FRIENDS REGARDLESS! *takes a deep breath* sorry for the bothersome long ass story here, but like I said, akai is still old news, if she wants to be an attention grabber, she still can't perform shit like how others did after her, she can't stoop that fucking low.. but if she does, she'd have to at least get on the level of princess elizabeth, and get people to cry. also, for the sake of you and the crew, get off the high horse, and just simply, ignore one another, and move on. I know it's hard, but making videos about one another, spewing out how this person is bad and such isn't helpful regardless, because like I just said 5 minutes ago, people nowadays are so blinded that they can TAKE ANYTHING TO HEART AND SERIOUSLY at the same time. Blindly believing the video about one another, is like the stereotypes today. Blindly believing the media, the magazines, that there's an ideal image of anything today, when all of that is a lie. I'm saying this for your own good! You girls, really need to understand the definition of ignoring and moving on, not holding such grudges that are gonna eat the hell out of you deep down so badly that you're gonna get so stressed that it's gonna affect your activities in real life. trust me. I myself endured some shit back then, and it got me completely stressed, and it's still eating me. I don't want you, to end up like me. do I make myself clear here? good. Just don't take it all to heart. Like I said, I have nothing against you, nor Levi or others, but you really, need to stop with the petty war. it's getting pointless, and unnecessary stress is completely building up in majority of people, who are affected by it.
shadowfan92 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually had moved on for about a month, then I had a watcher show me Levi's video out of the blue one day.   We are no longer friends, and trust me I've been trying my damned-est to ignore them,  however I have sources within their circle that tell they still shit talk me on a regular basis and I'm just trying to move on to new pastures.

I'm glad there are people out there that are watching Akai, I can tell that she still hasn't changed as she claims to.  She promised this new DA page wouldn't even be for art, bitch wasn't even back a week before she started posting shit on it xD

Same old, lying, psycho, slut Akai.
Amu-Amateur Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
... so... let me get this straight.. they claim.. that they moved on.. yet, here they are, month later, talking bullshit in their little circle of nothing like it's no one's business? let us discuss this in my office. *points at the notes*

and yea, I've seen the hypocrisy first hand, but I'd like to see what bullshit is she gonna do.
(1 Reply)
Amu-Amateur Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ah yes, I am seeing the journal right now, even if it looks better than the previous, since you did copy and paste it, but you better learn from that alright? take constructive criticism and look up anatomy drawings for help, alright?
surimix Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  New member
and in my old school, they never teached us what is art critique because last year i didnt have art class, but now in my new school, is teaching us what is and im trying to understand the english, so yeah i need to look some references drawings to imrpove, thank you for remember that anatomy that i need to practice and improve :0
ZelTheNeko Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Amu-Amateur Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
OWWWW MY FAIC. *falls down on my butt* ;w; y u do dis to meh?//shot
ZelTheNeko Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I do it out of love ;w;
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